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Mission Statement

The purpose of the RevelationZ website is to share and celebrate my passion for music, movies, books and computer games, and will feature articles, reviews and other information on anything I like and want to recommend to everyone else. Quality reviews of quality entertainment is what I will provide.

Below I have listed each area of entertainment along with a single word, which sums up what I feel is the core of my enjoyment of that particular area.

Music: Passion

Movies: Sensation

Games: Creativity

Books: Imagination

I have programmed and created the layout of the website myself and I am the only writer for the site. The website went online in 2012 and is nowhere near finished yet. It will likely take several years before each section has its core content. As much as I would like to dedicate all my time to developing the website, it is currently a hobby that has to balance with family and a full time job, both of which take a higher priority.

The following is not exactly part of any mission statement but has flavored how I see things and may shine through in some articles so it is in order to explain a few keywords. More may come in time.

Hype: The bane of the Internet and reviews in general. The hype machine has inflated various rating systems through time and it is one of the reasons I am not including numeric ratings in any of my reviews. I feel both sad and strangely amused, when I study rating systems in various magazines and discover that 8/10 or 89/100 is the same as a rating of "Good". This tendency has been evolving slowly for the past 20 years and it has come to the point, where I give next to no relevance to ratings at all. Here, I let the words speak for themselves and it is my belief that this will give a greater balance and a finer distinction between the quality of the entertainment I write about. I try to write definitive reviews whenever possible.

Digital distribution: A shame. Digital distribution has made it much easier and in some ways cheaper to buy entertainment but it has also cheapened and undermined the experience in several ways. Things like the concept of an album and to have a booklet with artwork, the concept of physical additions to games to deepen the experience, the concept of a booklet accompanying a DVD to explain behind the scenes details are just a few of the things digital distribution has killed or will kill. It's all being streamlined down to the last margin, making it cheaper to create and distribute.

DRM: Digital Rights Management has always failed in its execution. I do understand the corporate need for such a thing but in the past DRM has been implemented in a terrible way and the future does not look much brighter. In by far the most cases, DRM results in some kind of punishment of the honest people who pay for their entertainment. DRM punishes by limiting the use of the purchased entertainment or making it more difficult to enjoy in any situation. This is a great shame and as a result, it makes the "trust relationship" between a consumer and a company non-existent.

This is "The Ideology of Steele", written by David Defeis and scanned from my special edition of Virgin Steele's Invictus album. It sums up my feelings towards music, my basic intent with this website as well as a general attitude towards life, better than I could ever hope to express.

Virgin Steele - The Ideology of Steele

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, May 12, 2013
Updated: Wednesday, March 12, 2016 - Edited a few paragraphs