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Once upon a timewarp....


The new RevelationZ website!

The site was re-launched on June 26'th 2012. After running the RevelationZ Magazine website from June 2002 to September 2011 along with several great staff writers and close friends, I shut down the site due to a spam, eggs, bacon, spam and spam choking incident. No, it was something else entirely.

Shutting down the site I'd spent most of my free time on for ten years wasn't an easy decision, but it was time to move on. Now, almost a year down the line I have decided to rebuild the site with several changes to its core.

Here is a list of some major changes and some slightly less major ones:

· I am the only writer on the site.

· The site will not only focus on Music but also on Movies, Books and Computers. All these are areas of entertainment, which I am no less than monumentally passionate about as well.

· There are no longer any genre boundaries on what kind of music I write about.

· You will not find all the latest reviews of everything here. My time is limited and I will only spend time writing about what I really ticks me in some way.

· I have dropped the ratings on Album Reviews. Partly because a single number doesn't sum up what a whole album means to me, but also because I believe rating systems all over the internet and in most magazines for that matter, are inflated, thus rendering any rating system I would design, unbalanced with most other sites. That was always a problem with the old RevelationZ Magazine site. To make up for the loss of ratings, each album review will include a one word review, which somehow sums up the album to me.

· Album reviews will feature a quote from the lyrics at the top of each review.

Since deciding to re-build the site and start from scratch, I have been wanting to write about every single thing that has popped into my mind. In the end I had to delete several sub-sections in order to get the site online and find the right balance. It has been quite a task to get the site programmed with a full-time job and a family on the side but I am proud to have come this far.

Currently I have an idea of which direction the new areas will take but nothing is cast in stone yet, I only know that I want to share some of the amazing entertainment I have found over the years. So there is definitely going to be an emphasis on nostalgia throughout the site in the beginning. I decided to get the site online as soon as the shell was complete and it will probably be a few years before the site fits into what I have conceived in my mind.

The bottom line is that I have created this site in an attempt to share the passion I have for music, movies, books and computer games, and to promote anything I find worthy of your time. As a consequence, I will mostly be writing about the things I really like.

I don't promise anything in regards to regular updates etc., but I do promise that everything on the site comes from the heart. If it just so happens that there are no updates on the site for a few months then I am most likely walking around the Scottish highlands somewhere, reciting the poet McTeagle in a kind of high-pitch silly whine, or it could be that I'm just busy with family life. Just remember that "I'll be back!" so "Stick around!"

I have a weakness for several British comedy shows so if you encounter the odd Ni!, Que!, Dinsdale! or "what, the curtains?" on your journey through the site then don't feel too bewildered, it all definitely has a purpose.

So, without further ado: Welcome to the scaled down but expanded RevelationZ!

Written By Steen
Online: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Legacy Comments

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - Tobias Nilsson

Welcome back mate! Although, I thought it would be Manowar songs you would be reciting on the Scottish highlands, in your quote "high-pitch silly whine" ;o)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - Behnam

Hey Steen, welcome back; really missed RevZ & all the staff; Hail & Kill my friend \m/