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May 19. 2016: Site Status

As you have probably noticed, the site is on a slow burn at the moment. I am leaving my regular job at the end of May, with plans to start up my own IT business and do freelance work. That is a major step, so planning that is taking all my spare time at the moment. But fret not, I will be back with new articles soon.

March 29. 2016: Layout Change

The front page layout has been re-arranged and adjusted.

March 9. 2016: Site Search

I've added a site-wide search to the front page.

January 9. 2016: Latest Site Updates

I've made some small adjustments to the layout based on the feedback I have gotten. The background picture was removed, the headline changed and the smallest version of the responsive layout now automatically adjusts to the width of the screen.

In addition to that I have introduced the "Albums Quick Reviews" section. Finally realizing that I don't have the time right now to write complete reviews of all the albums that I love, I have decided it is better to have at least a snippet of my opinion than nothing. So expect this new section to grow in content over the coming months.

November 30. 2015: Welcome Message v2.

Welcome to the latest incarnation of the RevelationZ website!

I have re-programmed the site from scratch to get it up to date with current technology. The result is a slightly different looking site with a responsive web design and mobile support. The content remains the same.

For the technical minded, the old version of the site was built on Classic ASP code, I developed back in 2000. This version is entirely new and has been custom-built and hand-written in ASP MVC 5.0, javascript and css3 to comply with current HTML5 standards (or justabout). I had to learn several new technologies in order to do this, so while the site is not perfect, it does what I set out to do: To create a base for my writings to exist.

As it is right now, the site is not feature complete, what you see here is just the alpha-core-version (courtesy of Confuse-A-User Ltd.) and I will be expanding on that in the future. I have been working on this for over a year and really wanted to get the new version online, so I could move my focus to the content for a while, and just expand the site features whenever I feel like it.

I'm pretty happy with the result and know it has a ton of possibilities.

Some features are missing when comparing to the old ASP site. This includes people listings and other details. I decided to focus on the core of the site in this first version.

Contact me here or below if you have some feedback, questions or run into errors on this new version of the site. Enjoy your stay! (NI!)

Mentally yours,

Written By Steen
Online: Monday, November 30, 2015
Updated: Thursday, May 30, 2016 - The Latest Site Updates