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Music - Quick Review - AC/DC - The Razors Edge


AC/DC - The Razors Edge


01. Thunderstruck [4:52]
02. Fire Your Guns [2:53]
03. Moneytalks [3:45]
04. The Razors Edge [4:22]
05. Mistress For Christmas [3:58]
06. Rock Your Heart Out [4:06]
07. Are You Ready [4:10]
08. Got You By The Balls [4:29]
09. Shot Of Love [3:57]
10. Lets Make It [3:32]
11. Goodbye & Good Riddance To Bad Luck [3:14]
12. If You Dare [3:11]


Heavy Rock

Released By / Year

Epic / 1990

Quick Review

One Word Review: Enduring

I bought this album on tape back in the early nineties so this remastered edition has been a nice trip down memory lane. Thunder, Fire, Money and Razor open the album in an explosive, forceful, melodic and intense way respectively. With Mistress the album takes a slide but the trilogy of Ready, Balls, Love puts the album back on the rise.

Another great album where a handful of classics are served with much vigor. Similar for all three 2003 remasters are interesting liner notes, especially for Back In Black and fine digipack wrapping.

Favorite Songs: Money Talks, The Razor's Edge, Fire Your Guns, Are You Ready and last but certainly not least... Thunderstruck!

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, March 22, 2015

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