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Music - Quick Review - Accept - Blood Of The Nations


Accept - Blood Of The Nations


01. Beat The Bastards [0:24]
02. Teutonic Terror [0:24]
03. The Abyss [0:31]
04. Blood Of The Nations [0:25]
05. Shades Of Death [0:34]
06. Locked And Loaded [0:20]
07. Time Machine [0:24]
08. Kill The Pain [0:26]
09. Rolling Thunder [0:22]
10. Pandemic [0:25]
11. New World Comin' [0:22]
12. No Shelter [0:27]
13. Bucket Full Of Hate [0:23]


Heavy Metal

Released By / Year

Nuclear Blast / 2010

Quick Review

"Get up....Get the hell outta here
Cut the ropes that bind you
Stand up....Straight into your fear
Leave the past behind you"

One Word Review: Resurgence

Accept returned in 2010 with this superb slap of heavy metal. There is a definite old school vibe to the music, just as there should be. New singer Mark Tornillo is the ace in the sleeve. He has an excellent, raw voice that fits the music. I adore the Jon Oliva vibe his voice has, when he goes all out. The "I don't think so" line in "The Abyss" can't be anything but a homage to Jon Oliva and Savatage. It perfectly captures that special atmosphere.

Andy Sneap has produced a fantastic sounding record, heavy, with plenty of power. Most importantly the music has the feel of a band that is alive and inspired. Especially the first four songs are killers.

Favorite Songs: Beat The Bastards, The Abyss, Blood Of The Nations, Teutonic Terror, Time Machine, No Shelter

Written By Steen
Online: Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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Teutonic Terror