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Music - Quick Review - Peterik / Scherer - Risk Everything


Peterik / Scherer - Risk Everything


01. Risk Everything
02. Chance Of A Lifetime
03. Cold Blooded
04. Desperate In Love
05. Thee Crescendo
06. The Dying Of The Light
07. How Long Is A Moment
08. Brand New Heart
09. Broken Home
10. Milestones
11. Your Independance Day


Bill Syniar (Bass)
Bob Lizik (Bass)
Ed Breckenfeld (Drums)
Jim Peterik (Guitar, Keyboards)
Klem Hayes (Bass)
Marc Scherer (Lead Vocals)
Mike Aquino (Guitar)
Nick Rich (Drums)



Released By / Year

Frontiers Records / 2015

Quick Review

One Word Review: Romantic

Risk Everything is a collaboration between Jim Peterik (Main Songwriter, guitar, backing vocals & Keyboard) and Marc Scherer (Lead vocals), the result of which, is an often phenomenal melodic rock record and a perfect companion towards the forthcoming summer.

The 11 songs are delivered with strong vocals, excellent guitar work and most important of all, a unique sense of all embracing passion. In that respect this album has close relations to any Pride Of Lions release, another of Peterik's bands.

For Survivor and Pride of Lions fans, this album is a no brainer and it should appeal to any lover of AOR. Jim Peterik has created another special addition to his extensive catalogue. Thank you.

Favorite songs: Broken Home, Milestones, Risk Everything

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, April 15, 2015

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Cold Blooded