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Virgin Steele - Invictus


01. The Blood Of Vengeance [1:53]
02. Invictus [5:35]
03. Mind, Body, Spirit [7:17]
04. In The Arms Of The Death God [1:19]
05. Through Blood And Fire [5:30]
06. Sword Of The Gods [7:32]
07. God Of Our Sorrows [1:19]
08. Vow Of Honour [1:02]
09. Defiance [6:31]
10. Dust From The Burning [4:32]
11. Amaranth [0:21]
12. A Whisper Of Death [8:52]
13. Dominion Day [6:35]
14. A Shadow Of Fear [6:11]
15. 'Theme' From 'The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell' [0:22]
16. Veni, Vidi, Vici [10:40]


Barbaric Romantic / Heavy Metal

Released By / Year

Modern Music Records / 1998

Quick Review

"I sing of Power, Magic and Faith
A Sonnet of Pure Victory
A Hymn to the Spirits of Freedom and Grace
And whichever Gods there may be…"

One Word Review: Immortal

An inspiring masterpiece, filled with power, soul, honesty, magic and mighty singing.

Invictus is a defining moment in the illustrous history of Virgin Steele. I still remember that fine summer day in 1998 at The Wacken Open Air Festival when they played "Veni, Vidi, Vici". A perfect moment in time, I will never forget.

Invictus splices music and raw emotion into a triumphant, magical entity of pure joy. Yes, this album is that good.

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, January 10, 2016

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Mind, Body, Spirit