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Alice Cooper - School's Out


01. School's Out
02. Luney Tune
03. Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets
04. Street Fight
05. Blue Turk
06. My Stars
07. Public Animal #9
08. Alma Mater
09. Grande Finale



Released By / Year

Warner Bros Records / 1972

Quick Review

One Word Review: Purrific

There is something distinctly cool about this album and it took me by surprise.

I was instantly suaved by the theatrical atmosphere and the multi-layered instrumentation. The songs put a clear image in my mind by means of small but inspired touches, be it Vincent's colorful voice, lyrics underlining numerous humorous references, Dunaway's outstanding bass playing or, of all things, a tuba. It's hard to put emphasis on just one thing, since the album is very varied and has a sense of fun and experimentation all over it. The sound and execution is, in several places, naturally, totally oldschool, but it works, even in this day and age, because it has a strong sense of place.

The beauty of this loose concept album is that it takes me back to a certain state of mind, a place of innocence and wide-eyed wonder.

Favorite Songs: Blue Turk, School's Out, Luney Tune, Alma Mater, Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, February 3, 2016