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Music - Quick Review - Brother Firetribe - Sunbound


Brother Firetribe - Sunbound


01. Sunbound
02. Help Is On The Way
03. Indelible Heroes
04. Taste Of A Champion
05. Last Forever
06. Give Me Tonight
07. Shock
08. Strangled
09. Heart Of The Matter
10. Restless Heart
11. Big City Dream
12. Phantasmagoria



Released By / Year

Spinefarm / 2017

Quick Review

"No more lonely nights
With a restless heart
Roll the dice
Make a brand new start

When the world you knew got shattered
You and me were all that mattered
Just one way I'm gonna lose this restless heart
Running away with you

There's a new horizon that we're both heading to
It's out there in the distance
And it's playing our tune"

One Word Review: Nostalgia

Sunbound is a righteous 80’ies love letter, filled with bombastic rhythms, positive vibes and an impeccable sense of melody. Everything comes alive through an excellent production. Somehow it works beautifully, and becomes a glorious throw-back to a simpler time. Indelible Heroes stagnates a bit after many listens, but the rest stays entertaining and lovable.

I’ve become completely addicted to Big City Dream, which throws in everything you can think of, to create the perfect nostalgic atmosphere. This song is tongue-in-cheek perfection and basically, the whole album feels like a celebration of having a good time and finding peace.

Sunbound feels inspired and alive, a perfect summer soundtrack.

Favorite Songs: Big City Dream, Taste of A Champion, Restless Heart, Shock

Written By Steen
Online: Saturday, June 24, 2017

Video Section

Indelible Heroes

Taste Of A Champion

Big City Dream