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Music - Quick Review - Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes


Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes


01. Burning Times
02. Melancholy (Holy Martyr)
03. Disciples Of The Lie
04. Watching Over Me
05. Stand Alone
06. Consequences
07. My Own Savior
08. Reaping Stone
09. 1776 (Instrumental)
10. Blessed Are You
11. Prophecy
12. Birth Of The Wicked
13. The Coming Curse


Heavy Metal

Released By / Year

Century Media / 1998

Quick Review

"If we could focus on important things
Live and let live true freedom,
not everyone's the same
No more war for your god,
no more war for your race
It's our world,
it's what we make it
Make it a better place"

One Word Review: Grand

What I consider to be Iced Earth's finest album (a tough battle), is a slow burning feast of Power and Metal. From the fierce opening burst of anger through to the final three-part epic, the album delivers a varied bunch of songs, where both lyrics and music speak to me on several levels.

The lyrics are often very personal and all carry a message. The music is tight, complex and goes absolutely insane in the final trilogy of songs. If you had a sword sharp enough, you could carve out shining pieces of pure intensity from songs like Prophecy and The Coming Curse. Those two are timeless slabs or pure, molten heavy metal, at its very best.

Favorite Songs: The Trilogy (Of course), My Own Savior, Melancholy, Watching Over Me, Consequences, Blessed Are You

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Video Section

Burning Times

My Own Savior