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Music - Quick Review - Bloodbound - Rise Of The Dragon Empire


Bloodbound - Rise Of The Dragon Empire


01. Rise Of The Dragon Empire
02. Slayer Of Kings
03. Skyriders And Stormbringers
04. Magical Eye
05. Blackwater Bay
06. Giants Of Heaven
07. The Warlock's Trail
08. A Blessing In Sorcery
09. Breaking The Beast
10. Balerion
11. Reign Of Fire

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Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Symphonic

Released By / Year

AFM Records / 2019

Quick Review

One Word Review: Dracarys

After discovering Bloodbound with their debut album last year, I planned to feast on their albums one by one in chronological order. That didn't quite happen, as I found myself suddenly listening to their latest release, Rise Of The Dragon Empire.

First surprise is how much they have changed. From the old school classic heavy metal found on the debut, they have somehow transformed into a fusion of Rhapsody and Sabaton, with a dash of Edguy on the side, now playing bombastic fantasy power metal with loads of orchestration and a focus on huge, infectous choruses.

Fortunately, Bloodbound still carve out their own niche and I always say, to hell with originality if the music is enjoyable and good, and that is exactly what Bloodbound deliver; an entertaining album, easy to get into, but with enough meat to stay interesting.

Reading up on Bloodbound's history, this is their third album inspired by Game of Thrones, and this theme suits the music perfectly.

My personal favorite of the album, Balerion, perfectly captures the essence of this incarnation of Bloodbound. Majestic, fast paced, utterly melodic, and a sing a long chorus, which is both fist-clenchingly brilliant and at the same time, quite silly indeed. The band walks a fine line, but fortunately stays on the path of convincing integrity.

Rise Of The Dragon Empire is a melodic metal feast and I recommend you check it out.

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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Rise Of The Dragon Empire

The Warlock's Trail