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Thine - In Therapy


01. Best Kept Secret
02. Feel
03. In Therapy
04. Homewrecker Extraordinaire
05. Never Learn
06. Contact Point
07. In Red Rooms
08. Last Better Day
09. Deny Everything
10. The Bar
11. Running
12. Bleaker Audio


Alan Gaunt (Vocals)
Dan Mullins (Drums)
Dylan Rhodes (Rhythm Guitar)
Paul Groundwell (Lead Guitar)
Russ Thompson (Bass)


Progressive / Rock

Released By / Year

Peaceville / 2002

Album Review

"Take the part of me away
That knows the world won't be missing me
It's killing me today - I guess I'll be on my way
And I'm sorry that we can't still be friends
You won't deny the misery
But you'll know how it ends"

One Word Review: Sombre

I was pleasantly surprised when I read the news that Thine was going to release their third album and first release in over a decade, The Dead City Blueprint, on April 28. Here, on the brink of that release it is time to get in the mood and celebrate their second album, In Therapy, also known as: GEM!

Back in the early days of RevelationZ Magazine, this was one of the very first promos I received. Giving about 30 promos a quick listen to distribute among the staff members, I was instantly intrigued by In Therapy and kept it for myself. I gave it a glowing review a few weeks later after some serious listening sessions. This was back in 2002. Since then In Therapy has stayed relevant in my life and I have often given it a listen, always with a special feeling creeping in. Never Learn and Contact Point have become staples of my favorite songs playlist as well. The album holds up and here, twelve years later, it is just as good as I discovered then.

Clearly this album is a case of not judging by appearances, but give In Therapy a chance and you will find it creeping up on you in a subtle way, until the cover makes sense. What is on display here is excellent melodic, moody rock music with an atmosphere that sometimes reminds me of movies like Cruel Intentions and Dead Poets Society. Thine are able to create music with a very melancholic atmosphere and do it in their very own style. I find the album and atmosphere strangely uplifting because, to me, it holds so much conviction and life. The lyrics underline the melancholic atmosphere perfectly, while the music is an often contrasting element.

Best Kept Secret opens in an "in your face"-way and lays the groundwork for the great atmosphere that runs through the album. The layered vocals in the opening verse really bring out the atmosphere. This trick is used often throughout the album to great effect. Its follow-up, Feel, has a strong drive. I love the way the drums lay a base foundation with bass and guitar adding an intricate layer on top. The drums are guiding the music, while the guitar seems to give them a soft embrace. Utterly melodic in a roundabout, jump-inducing sort of way. Check out the nice guitar effect in the verses when you listen really close. Feel is a rather fantastic song.

Most of the songs are very catchy and there is not one bad song among them. A couple of the songs that got me hooked were Contact point with its killer chorus and strong drive and the brilliant Never learn with its truly gloomy atmosphere and amazing singing. These two songs were clear standouts to me on the first few listens. With time, the album evolved and I found that each song adds to the overall atmosphere in its own unique way.

In Red Rooms and Last Better Day reflect the intense, almost unbearable pain of loss in a rare way. The emotions are perfectly captured and the fact that they can bring this out is what I love about the band. Just listen to the way the line "You know it's stranger how we grow so far apart from what I remember ....... You didn't notice" is delivered in Last Better Day.

No lyrics came with the In Therapy album, but I grabbed them from the band's website back in the day. If you want the lyrics then I have put them online here.

The music on In Therapy grabs hold of me and I find it both invigorating and fresh. Give this gem a chance, that's all I have to say.

But you could always come around
And say just what you've got to say
Cos it's our last better day today
And you won't drag us down
Although I guess we'll never meet again

Written By Steen
Online: Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Never Learn

Contact Point