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Impalers - Prepare For War


01. Prepare For War
02. Destination: Warfare
03. Napalm In The Morning (Sodom Cover)
04. The Hammer (Motörhead Cover)


Kenneth Frandsen (Bass Guitar)
Rasmus Kjær (Drums)
Søren Crawack (Rhythm Guitars, Vocals)
Thomas Carnell (Lead Guitar)


Heavy Metal / Thrash

Released By / Year

Independent / 2014

Album Review

"Their path you must take, they will manipulate
Through their institution of fear
Threats and demands, put the chains on your hands
Accept the God that was never here"

One Word Review: Smashing

A work colleague left this on my desk and I was pleasantly surprised to discover a Danish band playing old school Thrash Metal. I have not been listening to a lot of thrash recently but this EP brought out a desire to venture back in my CD catalogue and rediscover old albums with Exodus, Kreator, Overkill and Slayer, proving to be a most welcome catalyst.

Opening with a unified blast of drums, guitar and a guttural roar, the title track is soon off down purely thrashy road. Throughout, the guitar work is energized, while the vocals are rough and direct and often backed by some massive, highly effective, gang vocals. Guest vocals by Lasse Skov of Essence lift the title track further. Destination Warfare arrives armed with the same headbanging arsenal (except Lasse Skov) and wildly sprays bullets in an attempt to gun you down, quickly establishing an atmosphere of hectic intensity.

The production is impressively powerful and brings forth an in-your-face sound, where drums and vocals take center stage, while monstrously heavy guitars roam around on each side of the sound stage. The bass is audible just under the drums. The vocals get the job done, but I hope to hear even more roaring power on display in the future.

Napalm in the Morning is a Sodom song and it is a compliment to say that this cover version makes me want to check out Sodom, a band I never discovered before, but obviously need to hear a.s.a.p. There is a great building of tension to the song.

Lead singer Søren Crawack channels his best Lemmy in The Hammer. Speaking of compliments, the song makes me reach out for another beer. I believe that to be the greatest compliment possible for a Motörhead cover song.

With two demos and a full length album prior to this EP, I have a feeling this is just the first taste of a forthcoming album. While I have not heard their previous work, the potential this EP shows is huge.
So in the end, there is nothing fancy here, just old school thrash, rough around the edges, solid and enjoyable. Check these guys out!

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, January 11, 2015

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Prepare For War

The Hammer (Motörhead Cover)