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Unleash The Archers - Abyss


01. Waking Dream
02. Abyss
03. Through Stars
04. Legacy
05. Return To Me
06. Soulbound
07. Faster Than Light
08. The Wind That Shapes The Land
09. Carry The Flame
10. Afterlife


Concept / Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Progressive

Released By / Year

Napalm Records / 2020

Album Review

"Destiny opened a door
And showed you weren't the one
Worth searching for"

One Word Review: Adventurous

Unleash The Archers is one of my latest discoveries. With Abyss, they have delivered a spectacular album, filled with heaviness, melody and power. Labeling this power metal, as I have read other places, doesn't feel right to me. The band play classic heavy metal but do it in their very own style, as they mesh this foundation with elements of both progressive, power, speed and death metal, and they deliver an album, quite unique and instantly recognizable, with an atmosphere that is electric.

Abyss is one massive, overblown symphony of epic metal. It is also a concept album, which continues from their previous effort Apex, an album I have not heard yet, but am going to head right into from here. Therefore, this review will be pretty quick and only focus on the music, which is complex and played with a real vibrant feel. It feeds the image of a tight and inspired band, at the top of their game.

There are many surprises through the album, one of my favorite being Legacy, which starts out as an atmospheric hymn, as Brittney's soft vocal, gently flows between the speakers, before the music absolutely explodes in a fireworks of insane drumming and speed riffing. Suddenly the music reverts back to that gentle atmosphere, and from there, evolves into a fantastic, heavy song with a strong drive and a wonderful ethereal feeling, brought on by Brittney's layered vocals and the keyboard flourishes scattered throughout the song. It is definitely a highlight of the album, and showcases the variety within.

I am not a huge fan of growling vocals, but here, in the last half of the album, they are used in a way that works as a great contrast to Brittney's vocals and I found, to my surprise, that I didn't mind them that much and sometimes even looked forward to their entrance. Used sparingly, as is the case here, it brings an interesting balance.

Numerous highlights litter the album. I was instantly won over by the way the album opens slowly but surely, and peaks with that brilliant scream, during the intro to the title track. Through that title track, a very exciting atmosphere is created, as if a long journey is only just beginning. Carry The Flame has an excellent chorus with a slight epic touch.

That epic touch is all over the album. Another example is the chorus of The Wind That Shapes the Land, which is just chilling and fist-pumpingly brilliant. It works as a great release, and I feel the need to hear this live, beer in hand, whilst banging my head and mooing like a mad cow. No, seriously, it is that good.

As is the case with most metal albums these days, the sound is overcompressed, but fortunately it still has enough punch and clarity, that I rate the production way above average.

This whole album is one I will return to many times in the future, before I have uncovered all its layers. I recommend you check it out, especially if you don't already know Unleash The Archers. They are the most promising band I have discovered in a long time.

Written By Steen
Online: Thursday, October 15, 2020

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Faster Than Light