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Books - Book Review - A Dance With Dragons - A Song Of Ice And Fire: Book Five


A Dance With Dragons - A Song Of Ice And Fire: Book Five



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Bantam Books / 2011

Book Review

A Dance With Dragons is the fifth volume in the long running series (spread over 16 years so far), A Song of Ice and Fire. I finished the book yesterday, slightly out of breath.

The events in the book happen alongside those in volume four (A Feast For Crows) and at a certain point the two books meet and Dance charges onwards. Where I was slightly disappointed with Feast, George R. R. Martin reclaims his throne with this book and I was thrilled get the stories of the characters I find most interesting; Jon, Tyrion, Daenerys among others.

The writing is as usual vivid, highly detailed and most important of all, spellbinding. Looking at the five books written so far there is a definite change in pace and atmosphere in book 4 and 5 compared to the first three. Something happened along the way which made George change the pace of the series , slow down and start to let the characters breathe and let the reader get to know them better. I could argue for and against this for a long time but the bottom line is that I am happy with what I get and this series delivers. The detailed mythology, the action, the intrigue, the fascination with food and loads of other little details make this series something special and altogether brilliant entertainment.

There are many subtle references and use of words which seem to build towards some unknown revelation which I can only guess at, but the ending of book 5 delivers a few surprises, even shocks which will no doubt leave some readers tearing out their hair in frustration since this book, in tandem with book 4 is just one huge build-up towards some grand climax. I, for one, enjoyed this ride immensely and was totally captivated from the beginning to the last page. But I want the rest now. Please?

Written By Steen
Online: Thursday, January 31, 2013