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Words Of Radiance - The Stormlight Archive: Book Two



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Tor Books / 2014

Book Review

After finishing The Way of Kings, I moved straight on to Words of Radiance the next day. I was enjoying this new fantasy realm way too much to pause and it did not cease with this second book, it only developed further. Words of Radiance expands the unique world of Roshar in a satisfying way, as it peels away layers and leaves new questions to ponder.

The overall story arc moves forward with some exciting confrontations and further development of main characters’ back story, this time Shallan. Fortunately Kaladin and others are not forgotten.

The 1000+ pages make for a long book but it is paced quite well, building momentum for a breathtaking finish but with enough moments in between to make for a book that is hard to put down. I found it fascinating all the way through and deeply satisfying.

Best of all is one moment near the end, which lingers on. A certain assassin in white enters the battle field just at the moment when a flicker of hope has appeared and turns everything upside down. It is moments like these that give a unique satisfaction because I, as a reader, has envisioned this confrontation for a long time and when it happens, Brandon somehow writes it in a way that exceeds even my imagination. That is pretty impressive to me and proof that this writer is something special. A moment like this is also something that makes me envision an extremely cool movie scene, though I have no idea how this story could possibly be made into a movie.

Worst of all is the wait for book three, for which Mr. Sanderson has finished 25% of pre-writing according to his website today. But then again, I read the first two books on a Kindle and I severely missed the artwork, so I will have to buy the hard backs and read them again to get the complete experience.

All you need to know is that if your are a fan of fantasy books and you have yet to discover The Stormlight Archive then you need to give this series a chance. It comes highly recommended.

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, December 3, 2014