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Oathbringer - The Stormlight Archive: Book Three



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Tor Books / 2017

Book Review

The third book in the Stormlight saga is a mammoth 1200+ page beast. Compared to the first two entries, Oathbringer is slightly slower going, understandable with such a huge amount of characters to keep track of, and it could easily have broken under the weight of the world that Brandon has built so far, yet it never does. Amazingly, it answers lots of questions and manages to severely expand the mythology, bringing with it, many new questions to ponder.

After finishing the book, I see it as hugely impressive, if not quite as entertaining as the first two books. This has everything to do with the characters, as Kaladin is put into the background, Shallan, I found somewhat annoying in her handling of her inner turmoil, and Dalinar takes focus in an arc that takes a long time to really soar. Yet, soar it does in the final chapters of the book, which remedy any slow going, and deliver an exciting and satisfactory finale for all characters, Shallan included.

Reeling after the impact that was the first two books in the series and the discovery of my new favorite author, Brandon Sanderson, I was wondering how he would possibly top it. Instead of trying to top it, he seems to settle into developing the world instead, and my guess is that this is a good choice for future books, to have a world so detailed and vast that anything can pretty much happen. Brandon has definitely not written himself into a corner.

I took a break for a week, just over half-way through and read Ready Player One (Finishing a book in a week is a new record for me). It was a good detour, as it made the differences in writing style and pace between books very clear, and it made me come back to Oathbringer with a greater appreciation for the detail and nuances of Brandon's writing.

The Stormlight Archive comes highly recommended and I cannot wait to read how things unfold, but right now, I am already onto Skyward.

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, November 28, 2018