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Rhapsody - Demos - Eternal Glory (Bootleg)


01 - Rage of The Winter
02 - Warrior of Ice
03 - Instrumental
04 - Lord of The Thunder
05 - Land of Immortals
06 - Riding The Winds of Eternity
07 - Eternal Glory


Alex Staropoli (Keyboard)
Andrea Furlan (Bass)
Cristiano Adacher (Vocals)
Daniele Carbonara (Drums)
Luca Turilli (Guitars)


Epic / Power Metal


This Rhapsody demo was released in 1995, two years before their debut Legendary Tales. It consists of songs that were later released on Legendary Tales and Symphony of Enchanted Lands.

I traded this bootleg a long time ago and transferred it from tape. There was no tracklisting on the tape, so I have named the songs according to what they ended up being called on the albums.

The songs are quite different from what ended up on the albums. Especially the songs from Symphony of Enchanted Lands. Riding The Winds of Eternity has a completely different chorus and might just have been called Holy Wind on this demo, while Eternal Glory really showcases what a fantastic evolution the chorus went through until it ended up on the album. It's also very interesting to hear these songs sung by Christiano Adacher.

Highly recommended to all Rhapsody fans.

Click here to download the demo.

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, October 17, 2012