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Music - Bootleg - Manowar - Live In Athens 1994


Manowar - Live In Athens 1994


Blood Of My Enemies
Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight Parts
Kings Of Metal
Kill With Power
Sign Of The Hammer
Wheels Of Fire
Black Wind, Fire and Steel
Metal Warriors


David Shankle (Guitar)
Eric Adams (Vocals)
Joey DeMaio (Bass)
Rhino (Drums)


Heavy Metal / Live


This is without doubt my most cherished Manowar video bootleg. It might bend the bootleg definition a bit since this is a professional recording with multiple cameras but it has never been officially released. The video and sound quality is average but well balanced and good enough to can enjoy the show without being annoyed.

And what a show! Opening with high energy versions of Manowar and Blood of my Enemies, the real surprise comes with a magical rendition of the epic Achilles, my favorite Manowar song and the only live version of it I have been able to find. Eric’s voice control is amazing throughout the concert but he really outdoes himself in the slow parts of this song. "This was your time", "Dragged across the field" and the whole magical segment beginning with "I hear the silent voices…" about halfway through, are examples of why he is my all time favorite singer.

The maniacal and happy gleam in Rhino’s eyes as he delivers his spotlight drum solo is another moment, which underlines that here is a band that is in control all the while enjoying themselves immensely.

The party really gets started with Kings of Metal where several people in the audience are invited on stage. Notice the Manowar kiss, Joey style.

Pretty cool versions of Kill With Power and Sign of The Hammer continue and another highlight is Black Wind, Fire And Steel, holding several trademark Manowar moments, my favorite being the way Eric handles both guitar and bass in the most outstanding way.

It is impressive to watch the tightness with which Joey handles his bass and and David Shankle’s equilibristic guitar playing. The show is complete with Metal Warriors, a headbanging delight.

This is a Manowar show, with all that it encompasses. An absolutely brilliant display of power and emotion.

Enjoy it below.

Update July 4. 2017: The video is no longer available on Youtube, but it this is just too good and should be enjoyed by all Manowar fans, so you can now download it here and view it offline.

Written By Steen
Online: Thursday, March 7, 2013
Updated: Tuesday, July 7, 2017 - Added video download link

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