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Enuff Z'Nuff - Live in Japanese Record Store - Acoustic Show


Yesterday (Beatles Cover)
If I Fell (Beatles Cover)
Norwegian Wood (Beatles Cover)
I've Just Seen a Face (Beatles Cover)
In My Life (Beatles Cover)
It's Only Love (Beatles Cover)
Time To Let You Go
It's No Good
I'm Only Sleeping (Beatles Cover - Monaco Lead Vocals, Donnie: Effect Vocals)
For No One (Monaco Lead Vocals)
Mary Anne Lost Her Baby
Valentine Song (You Got a Hold of Me)


Donnie Vie (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals)
Johnny Monaco (Backing Vocals)
Ricky Parent (Percussion)


Acoustic / Live


I got this from a Japanese Enuff Z'nuff fan way back in time. This is a pretty special acoustic show with Donnie, Monaco and Ricky in intimate surroundings in some unknown Japanese record store. They go Beatles bananas but also play a few Enuff Z'nuff tunes. Chip is nowhere in sight.

The atmosphere is relaxed and I get the impression that the song selection is a spur of the moment decision on Donnie's part. He opens the show with Yesterday and carries that one through nicely.

If I Fell is a personal Beatles favorite. Johnny Monaco joins in on harmony vocals and they clearly have something good going here.

Highlights include Monaco's A capella guitar solo during In My Life, Donnie's rendition of It's Only Love, a pretty funny improvised version of Time To Let You Go and a superb version of It's No Good with great harmony vocals.

Donnie is on a roll and delivers some great comments throughout the show. My favorites include "What an ovation on that one!", feigned vomiting when someone requests Right by Your Side and the way he changes the lyrics of Valentine Song to "We could have ourselves a baby, and call him little Donnie Vie".

Monaco takes over the guitar and lead vocalist role near the end and delivers excellent versions of I'm Only Sleeping and For No One, though Donnie is goofing around during that last one, as he takes one of the audience members for a dance.

The guys end the show with a bit of magic as the true Mugicians they are. Right before the tape cuts out you can hear Donnie saying "We should do this for a living" And I really think they should have made this into a travelling circus.

Unfortunately the tape suffers from serious defects. This is most evident whenever there is a cut between cameras. It destroys the picture momentarily and the sound pitches wildly on occasion. I remember watching the show for the first time and constantly wishing that they would just stay with the active camera.

Anyway, a fun show. Watch in the video section below. Hope you enjoy it.

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Video Section


Legacy Comments

Sunday, February 1, 2015 - Dave Z'nuff

Hey man thx very much for posting this! The 'abridged'(sp?) version has bin kicking around utube for some time but wat a pleasure to see the whole performance! Donnie looks & sounds good & actually seems to give a shit. (obviously pleased to b in Japan ) This is arguably the best iteration of EZ (ie. w/ Monaco), while not quite the player & 'character' Frigo was, his great playing, personal stability, & most importantly his BG vox took the band to new heights in many ways. Bin a fan since the 1st single so I oughtta know. Donnie shud join bak up w EZ & STILL do his solo stuff as the new album is great! I'm assuming you've reviewed it on yor site somewhere? Anyways THX AGAIN BROTHER!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 - Steen

Hey Dave! Thanks! Yeah I have reviewed the latest Donnie Vie solo album here: