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Music - Bootleg - Manowar - Live in New York 1986


Manowar - Live in New York 1986


(Converted from tape to two CD's)

Disc 1
01 - Manowar
02 - Shell Shock
03 - Gates of Valhalla
04 - Blood Of My Enemies
05 - Metal Daze
06 - Bass Solo
07 - Black Arrows
08 - Mountains

Disc 2
01 - Sign of The Hammer
02 - The Oath
03 - Courage - 1986 Version
04 - Brothers of Metal - Introduction
05 - Brothers of Metal - 1986 Version
06 - Death To False Metal
07 - Kill With Power
08 - Battle Hymn


Eric Adams (Vocals)
Joey DeMaio (Bass)
Ross The Boss (Guitar)
Scott Columbus (Drums)


Heavy Metal / Live


This is one of my favorite Manowar bootlegs. A rare live recording of a Manowar concert at L'Amours East, Queens, New York on June 6. 1986. At this sold out show they played two songs that were to be released a decade later, "Brothers of Metal" and "Courage", both in unreleased states and especially Brothers of Metal, totally different from the studio versions found on Louder Than Hell.

The sound is not exactly great. It kind of sucks and doesn't do the band justice. Worst of all there are several cut outs during songs, probably due to a bad tape transfer. The worst being the beginning of Mountains, the middle of Gates of Valhalla and the middle part of The Oath where the tape kinda dies and then is revived.

BUT, and this is a major but, the set list is amazing and the magic of the band in a live situation is very evident, even through the bad sound. Eric Adams sounds amazing throughout. The sound improves slightly in the last half, as if the person doing the recording found a different spot.

Because this is an audience recording it is clear to hear the audience singing and screaming along, which only adds to the live atmosphere.

Some of my favorite moments:

· Shell Shock!

· Eric Adams' divine performance of Gates of Valhalla. Notice the near 30-second scream as the song transitions from it's soft opening into metal mayhem.

· That beginning of Blood of My Enemies.

· The early version of Courage and perhaps the best introduction to a song ever. The way the song peaks at the end is excellent.

· Brothers of Metal in an early version, announced as being part of their next album. The rhythm is completely different to the album version but I totally love this version and performance. Hands in the air!!!

· Mountains! Live! Say no more.

· The audience participation in Kill With Power.

· Battle Hymns. The guitar solo and the ending part just nails it and releases all power this song has.

This is a direct transfer from the tape I traded back in the day and I could probably have cleaned up the sound and normalized it, but I like it untouched. My recommendation is to turn the volume way up and adjust the bass and treble to your liking. You have to be a dedicated fan to enjoy this. I love it and hopefully someone else out there will as well. Enjoy!

Download the whole show here. If you manage to improve the sound of the show let me know!

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, August 15, 2012