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System Shock

In One Word




Released By / Year

Looking Glass Studios / 1994


Moby Games

Quick Review

Back in 1994, I explored System Shock's innovative 3D world with a claustrophobic sense of dread, tinged with the excitement of experiencing something comepletely new. The evolution from Ultima Underworld I and II was quite amazing.

You play a hacker, who wakes up from a neural implant surgery, as the lone survivor on a huge space station, where a rogue A.I. has taken control and you have to twart its plans to destroy earth. It is a huge, deep game which consumed many hours and was totally worth it. I remember leaning around every corner because that was just such a cool thing to be able to do and then finding myself leaning around the screen as well.

A tough game, classic in every way.

Online: Sunday, March 22, 2015