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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

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Ubisoft Montréal / 2018



Quick Review

This is an excellent, huge game that delivers great value for money, and even if it lacks some depth, I found it to be great fun. I struggled a bit for the during the first part of the game, but around level 15 it opened up and became much more interesting.

Especially the lush, vibrant world is a constant source of amazement. The graphics are superb and I spent much time just running around, enjoying the views. This is a game that is better by being played on a big screen TV.

My favorite quest is definitely the Minotaur questline in Phepka, where you find the Minotaur impersonator and help him reunite with his family. The person who designed that questline has a sublime sense of humor. If only more of the game had that flavor. The Moo! moment is just so funny.

I finished the main story and hunted down all the cultists, and finally took a break after 200 hours of play time, and never actually completed the last of the Atlantis storyline. Maybe I will be back.

Online: Sunday, December 22, 2019