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Games - Review - BioShock Infinite - A Tear In Your Hand


BioShock Infinite - A Tear In Your Hand

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2K Games / 2013


Status at time of writing: Completed

What is it?
A Mindbending first person shooter in the cloud.

Bioshock Infinite takes place in an alternate reality in the floating city of Columbia where you are sent on a mission to save a kidnapped girl in the midst of a brewing civil war. To say that things are not what they seem would be understatement of the year. The game delivers a dazzling experience in sound, graphics and story. It has a perfect opening segment and stepping onto Columbia for the first time is a breathtaking experience.

At its base this is a pretty linear shooter hampered by a definite consolification, the most serious being its inane checkpoint save system and too much help during combat from your partner. This base is gloriously expanded by an enthralling setting, great mechanics, a unique story and loads of genuine fun. Not everything made perfect sense to me, but after finishing the game I feel a strong urge to go back and play the whole thing again on Hard difficulty, just to experience everything again and see what I missed the first time around and get a better understanding of the story.

Bioshock Infinite takes everything to the next level and is one of those games that belongs on a "need to play" list.

Written By Steen
Online: Friday, June 6, 2014

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