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Running On Empty

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Action / Crime / Drama / Romance

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Warner Bros. / 1988


The Popes are a family who haven't been able to use their real identity for years. In the late sixties, the parents set a weapons lab afire in an effort to hinder the government's Vietnam war campaign. Ever since then, the Popes have been on the run with the authorities never far behind.
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Quick Review

Running On Empty follows a family who have been on the run from the law for many years and managed to stay under the radar, but as their children get older, things get more and more complicated and they have to face some tough decisions. The movie has several powerful themes and I found it deeply moving, most of all because the main characters deliver amazing performances, which feel real. The movie takes its time to develop and harbors a special atmosphere. River Phoenix is brilliant in this role as is his father played by judd Hirsch.

The last scene of the movie is perfect, yet indescribable, and by the end I was completely devastated. There is a human touch to this movie, which makes it unforgetable.

Online: Sunday, August 25, 2013