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The Abyss

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Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Science Fiction

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20th Century Fox / 1989


An American nuclear submarine is attacked (during the cold war) and crashes underwater. The navy asks the workers of a nearby underwater oil rig who are joined by a number of navy SEALS to locate and investigate the cause of the crash. As the crew embark on their mission, they encounter a number of difficulties and discover that they may not be alone. There is something else down there.
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Quick Review

A special mix of all my favorite genres comes together to form a unique movie filled with imagination, great tension and a lot of heart, as it follows the workers of an underwater oil rig being dragged into a military operation. Deep underwater they discover that something else is down there with them.

I'll never forget that revival scene, so powerful and so moving. Ed Harris delivers an amazing performance throughout the movie.

Be sure to watch the director's cut, it is superior to the theatrical version.

Online: Sunday, August 25, 2013
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