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End Of Watch

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Action / Crime / Drama

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Universal Studios / 2012


Two young officers are marked for death after confiscating a small cache of money and firearms from the members of a notorious cartel, during a routine traffic stop.
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Quick Review

End of Watch is a tough, brutal, funny and moving cop movie. One of the best I have seen in recent years. Visually the movie puts you right in the middle of the action with most of the footage being taped by the cops themselves. This way of filming it like a home movie brings a sense of urgency and a great energy to the whole thing. It helps make, what is at its base, a superb marriage of action and friendship, convincing and real.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Mike Peña both put on inspired performances with lots of charm. They have a strong presence and their relationship is the heart of the movie, surprisingly intimate and affectionate. The action puts that through the wringer and I found myself on the on the edge of the seat, hoping that they make it through what they got themselves into.

Deep down this is a movie about life and honor. I am already looking forward to seeing it again.

And that last scene is brilliant.

Online: Thursday, February 27, 2014