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Drama / Science Fiction

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Paramount Pictures / 2014


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Quick Review

In the near future, Earth is plagued by famine and extreme climate. The only hope to avoid the extincition of humanity seems to be a mysterious wormhole near Saturn. This basic premise is all you should know.

Interstellar should be seen in a theater. It is both a challenging and impressive experience, an extremely well made movie that works on several levels and a movie that is bound to raise some important questions.

The story is not its strongest element and I remain unconvinced by the way several moments are handled. In a close to three hour movie it is weird to think that some things just happen too fast. I can usually give movies a lot of leeway but a few incidents were too illogical, even for me. A second viewing is most definitely needed.

In spite of that Interstellar is a moving, immersive and thoroughly entertaining movie with stellar performances all around. A bit of Inception here, a bit of Gravity there and a whole lot of originality.

Interstellar is an experience that lingers on. Check it out while you can. Know as little as possible, don't have any expectations, just let it grab you and take you away.

Online: Thursday, November 20, 2014