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Genesis: Together And Apart

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Documentary / Music

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Eagle Rock Entertainment / 2014


A feature-length documentary about one of the most successful British bands in rock music.
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Quick Review

For a person, who is not deeply knowledgeable about the music or history of Genesis, this movie is like an enticing history lesson. It describes the music, albums and ideas of the band, in a way that made me want to check out the albums and have the complete experience.

Parts of the Genesis history are absent from the movie, most notably the Ray Wilson years, a part of their history, I really would have liked to hear them talk about, since I happen to be a major fan of his music and quite like his one album with Genesis. So that is a shame.

The best thing I can say about the documentary, is that it made me want to go out and check out all the records, so mission is clearly accomplished.

Online: Friday, September 2, 2016