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Movies & TV - Movie Review - Den Skaldede Frisør (Love Is All You Need) - A Danish movie with an American star


Den Skaldede Frisør (Love Is All You Need) - A Danish movie with an American star

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Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Zentropa Productions / 2012

Movie Review

Susanne Bier’s first movie after her Oscar win for Hævnen (In a Better World), is a sweet, romantic comedy drama, starring Pierce Brosnan (Philip) and Trine Dyrholm (Ida) in the leading roles. Ida is a cancer-ridden hair dresser at the end of her treatment, with a cheating husband, and a daughter about to get married in Italy, to the son of Philip, a stressed out businessman, who lost his wife in a car accident and is still mourning the loss.

The way these two meet up and how their relationship develops, is classic movie romance. What makes this movie stand apart is its grounded emotional core. Both Trine Dyrholm and Pierce Brosnan deliver absolutely wonderful, moving performances. They have the chemistry needed to make this work and give their characters a real human edge, I found believable. Often the look on either face is enough to tug on an emotional string. Pierce Brosnan plays his role with subdued emotional distress, while Trine Dyrholm puts it all out there.

The plot revolves around the wedding and the two families and their conflicts and quirks, leading to many laughs and several heartbreaking moments. There are many layers in the movie and each main character evolves in their own way, none more than Ida, who makes the transition from broken into something complete and Philip, who starts out angry, bitter and stressed out but discovers a forgotten passion and dares to go with it. Young or old, the movie handles the many aspects of love with a fine hand. The movie is more than just a romantic comedy because of the tragedies and other examples of real human conflict that lie beneath the surface and it is strengthened by this in a great way.

There is a long list of supporting characters, who all do a solid job. Kim Bodnia’s husband in a mid-life crisis is one of his funnier roles. His new girlfriend, played by Christiane Schaumburg-Müller, steals the show as a person with no sense of reality and a knack for delivering lines that you may think, but would never say out loud. The son and daughter's relationship, which might also have been the heart of the movie, is given just enough screen time to make it convincing and is played out with heartfelt result.

There is very little in the realm of surprises in the movie. I had it figured out pretty early. But that doesn’t matter. The joy of this movie is watching the action unfold and just enjoying the company of these characters.

There were two scenes in particular, which I didn't find convincing, where it felt like they were there for the plot to move on. If you haven't seen the movie, I won't give it away but the scenes in question involve the father and son by the shoreline and a scene with a lot of red roses. My problem with both these scenes was a lack of being convinced that the characters would actually say or react like they did and it pulled me out of an otherwise excellent movie.

Bottom line: The movie is beautifully filmed, warm, funny and bittersweet. It makes an impression and is recommended to those looking for a romantic comedy or drama with a lot of heart.

Written By Steen
Online: Monday, October 1, 2012


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Monday, February 3, 2014 - Rosario Guerra-Moreno

This was a beautiful love story. It gives hope. you don'tknow what her prognosis notification from the hospitalsays, but you feel like, because of their new found love, they can get through anything life throws their way. Her husband did her a favor leaving her.