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Indie Game: The Movie - A Documentary

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BlinkWorks Media / 2012

Movie Review

The best thing I can say about "Indie Game: The Movie" is that on some level, it inspires.

The movie is a documentary based mainly on the development of two different computer games and follows its creators through their work to get their projects finished. That may sound mind-numbingly boring, but I have always found game programming highly intriguing so I was only happy to get this kind of insight into the development. This being so called Indie games, they are developed by one and two people respectively. This gives the movie the personal angle it needed to capture me.

The documentary takes every opportunity to inject some drama into the proceedings and I never found it dull. It underlines the fact that even the seemingly most impossible feat, is possible with enough dedication, persistence and ingenuity. The people who inhabit this movie clearly have special talent along with the will to see their dream through to the end. In spite of all the sacrifices needed to get it done.

The trials, tribulations, doubt and insecurity all come out in the open. The movie handles all the emotions eloquently, without coming too close. Several scenes have great impact on an emotional level. There was one scene in particular where the arrogance of the developer was broken down and the innermost human core exposed, in a very moving way. There are several heartbreaking scenes here, most of them dealing with the pressure, anger and loss of control, which happens when faced against overwhelming odds (and Microsoft). Everything is handled brilliantly by the directors.

As mentioned, I have always been intrigued by game programmers. Not in the least because I've often dreamed about being able to actually create something in a similar vein, but my brain capacity is clearly not up to the task and I’ve always been enjoying actually playing games too much, to really focus on the actual making of them, hence this website has been my particular dream instead. Something measurable, something possible, something fun and inspiring on its own level. The guys on display here are really impressive in their skill and I am amazed that it is actually possible to pull off something like the games they create.

Though this movie is mostly based on interviews, I found myself enthralled by the whole thing.

"Indie Game: The Movie" may only show a quick glimpse of a huge industry, both genre-wise and from a general point of view, but it goes deep and delivers a surprisingly poignant look at the ideal of making computer games. There is a good possibility that it will inspire not only game developers, but anyone who has a dream and is working on making it come to life on their own.

A special edition of the movie is being released on Blu-Ray and DVD on July 24. The movie was originally released digitally in 2012 and was partly crowd-funded by Kickstarter, meaning the filmmakers didn't have a huge budget and probably no advertising agency behind them. Fortunately they have shown the skill to create something special and I am really happy this documentary got made. It works on several levels and comes highly recommended.

Written By Steen
Online: Monday, July 22, 2013