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Buddy Lackey - Windsong


The Strange Mind Of Buddy Lackey



Released By / Year

Dream Circle / 1993

Song Review

This highly emotional piece of music brings out the essence of Buddy Lackey (aka Devon Graves). His solo album is worth tracking down if you want to hear something different and a must for fans of DeadSoul Tribe, Psychotic Waltz or just progressive metal in general. The song combines several elements in a completely convincing way and right from the opening acoustics, it takes you on an unexpected flight through a turbulent mind. This is not exactly your typical song structure. The verses are incredibly emotional and each manage to rise above the one before, a baroque instrumental section, the closest resemblance to a chorus this song has, works as an interlude and a psychedelic mid-section provides that unique Lackey touch, flute included of course.

The lyrics are dreaming and thoughtful, speaking words of wisdom and leaving a trail back to Into The Everflow, the Psychotic Waltz album released the year before.

A different and compelling song.

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, March 31, 2013

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