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Music - Song Review - Eternity X - Fly Away


Eternity X - Fly Away


The Edge


Concept / Heavy Metal / Progressive

Released By / Year

Angular Records / 1997

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Eternity X - The Edge

Song Review

"Was like I walked inside your mind
a darkened place with no windows
was like through you I saw me…"

The Edge is something special in my 1700+ CD collection. It is an album filled with technical brilliance, melodic wonder and emotional depth. I will eventually review this masterpiece, but right now, Fly Away just happened to appear, while listening to my favorite songs on random and I couldn't resist writing a few lines about it as it is my favorite song of the album right now.

The song showcases the eclectic music through chilling drama, deep emotion, heaviness and not in the least, Keith Sudano's unique vocal delivery. I love his strong yet fragile approach.

The opening instrumental movement sets the stage for something special right away. Just listen. I dare you not to go "ahhhh". Every instrument is given time in the spotlight and together they complement each other in the most fascinating way. The transition into the first verse is carried forth by a perfectly incorporated piano. The piano does a great job of adding to the atmosphere throughout the song and is all over it in the most inspired way. Keith Sudano sings with incredible empathy and a prominent vibrato. His voice is layered in a special way and the sound stage is often used for some great stereo effects. This is something that happens throughout the album. The sound is very dynamic and this amps up the intensity even further. The song has an incredibly positive vibe to it. I feel like jumping high in the air, while singing along every time the chorus hits (And of course I often do).

Halfway through a superb, melodic guitar solo gives way for another sweet instrumental passage, before a dramatic interlude takes over and leads the song to its final climaxing chorus, where multiple voices add to the dreamlike feel. A final solemn passage ends the song.

What a song, and what an album.

The fact that the next song on the album (The Confession) would amp up the intensity by 1000% is an example of the unpredictable nature of The Edge and underlines how amazing this album is. But I will get back to that at a later date.

Written By Steen
Online: Monday, July 8, 2013

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Fly Away


Legacy Comments

Monday, July 15, 2013 - Scott

Steen, "The Edge" is a fantastic release. It's a shame it did not garner the acclaim it deserved. Most metal fans I know are not even aware of Eternity X. "The Edge" is such a complete album - with so much variety. It's never predictable, and I am hard pressed to compare it to another album in my collection.

Monday, July 22, 2013 - Steen

Thanks for the comment and agreed! I am looking forward to re-visit the complete album for the review.