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Pyramaze - Caramon's Poem




Heavy Metal / Power Metal

Released By / Year

Locomotive / 2008

Song Review

"In the land of dragons
we walk side by side
love not returned
trust never earned
but brothers till the end"

Having become a major fan of the Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends books way back when I was a little dude, those books still hold a special place in my mental library, and I remember being wildly excited the first time I read about Pyramaze working on a Dragonlance-inspired song for their 2008 album, Immortal.

Caramon's Poem lived up to my expectations and immediately became a personal favorite on a superb album. The opening instrumental section has an excellent guitar melody and is perfectly underlined by the bass in its second part. Brilliant, tense drumming leads the song into its first verse and as Matt Barlow's voice enters the sound, the song is infused with an eerie sense of power. It all builds towards some amazingly powerful moments during the song.

I love the explosive chorus and the way Jonah Weingarten's keyboard gently adds to the atmosphere here, and throughout the song. "I feel your rage my brother" is another highlight and overall, the song harbors a strong drive and melodies that evolve with each listen, making it a standout.

The ending to the song is a surprising, swift detour and I get the feeling that a sequel is in order.

Written By Steen
Online: Thursday, September 5, 2013

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Caramon's Poem