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Music - Quick Review - Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane


Pain of Salvation - Remedy Lane


01. Of Two Beginnings
02. Ending Theme
03. Fandango
04. A Trace of Blood
05. This Heart of Mine (I Pledge)
06. Undertow
07. Rope Ends
08. Chain Sling
09. Dryad of the Woods
10. Remedy Lane
11. Waking Every God
12. Second Love
13. Beyond the Pale


Heavy Metal / Progressive / Rock

Released By / Year

InsideOut / 2002

Quick Review

"I lie awake, watching your shoulders
Move so softly as you breathe
With every breath, you're growing older
But that is fine if you're with me"

One Word Review: Human

Remedy Lane is among my favorite albums of all time, second only to "Savatage - Streets - A Rock Opera". How the band created an album as deep, coherent, challenging, beautiful, emotional and complex as this, continues to be a wonder. The brilliant technical skills, thought provoking lyrics and divine vocals make each song on the album overflow with emotion.

When I have more time to get my feelings down, I will go into details about all the little things that make this album such a masterpiece. For now, just know that I love this album!

Written By Steen
Online: Sunday, January 10, 2016

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