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Music - Quick Review - Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element - Part I


Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element - Part I


01. Used [05:23]
02. In The Flesh [08:36]
03. Ashes [04:28]
04. Morning On Earth [04:34]
05. Idioglossia [08:30]
06. Her Voices [07:57]
07. Dedication [04:00]
08. King Of Loss [09:47]
09. Reconciliation [04:25]
10. Song For The Innocent [03:03]
11. Falling [01:50]
12. The Perfect Element [10:10]


Concept / Heavy Metal / Progressive

Released By / Year

InsideOut / 2000

Quick Review

"Some wear their bruises on their skin
Others have their scars deep within
She has a wound close to her womb
Blames herself for letting it in"

One Word Review: Melancholia

The Perfect Element and Remedy Lane are Pain Of Salvation's masterpieces in an impressive and eclectic catalog of high quality releases. The band sets the bar incredibly high, and here they have created a deep, thoughtful and emotional concept album, layered and timeless.

The music is immediate and inspired, encompassing all emotions from aggressive to tender in its 72 minutes. Your amount of empathy will have an effect on your enjoyment of the album and on how much it moves you. I, for one, was deeply moved and impressed by the depth of both music and lyrics. The album is not easily digested, but it will stay with you.

Written By Steen
Online: Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Video Section

In The Flesh